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Over-increasing population, urbanization and economic growth all contribute to the increase in solid waste generation. We often find that land filling is the option that is adopted by most of the municipalities of most towns and cities all over the world. People also tend to throw garbage in an improper way. Garbage thrown in the street or in open spaces creates a public hazard, while waste dumped near rivers, lakes, streams, nallas contaminates the water supply affecting the individual in return.

We as GCWS have developed and implemented solutions to the problem of Waste. We believe that waste is a Misplaced resource. The only way to tap this resource is through

  • Reduce the amount of things we use - There are many ways to reduce your eco-footprint. One of them is to reduce the amount of waste going from your house to your local landfill.
  • Reuse everything, until we have absolutely no use for them – Ask yourself, can it be used by someone else? Think of ways on how to reuse everyday products.
  • Refuse things that we do not need at all - Sometimes you should just say no! Making better everyday choices. Learning how to shop smarter will help our planet!
  • Rethink. An important step in waste reduction is rethinking! Do you really need to purchase that?’ The more you do this step, the less you have to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.
  • Recycle items that are no longer of use. Can they be reprocessed and then reused? If you couldn't rethink it, refuse it, reduce it, reuse it, then maybe you can recycle it!

Segregation at source is the key to convert waste to resource. Till date we have completed nearly 100 projects of waste management from individual household to a township.

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