Research Papers
  • Slum Waste management Survey in 2006-07 Dharavi, where 10000 families were interviewed by 32 Women from local SHGs.
  • Basic slum Services Survey was conducted with the help 73 college students from 8 different colleges who visited 192 slum families from 24 slum regions of Mumbai. Project was sponsored by AIILSG.
  • Slum waste utilization Project and Report prepared in association with Swayam, of Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work
  • Effective waste management tool for Disaster Management was studied by Ms. Mikiko Osaka, MSW student of TISS under guidance of GCWS.
  • Ms. Jessica Anthony of St. Xavier’s TyBMS 2008 presented thesis on the scope of Waste management in creating sustained employment under guidance of GCWS
  • Master Siddarth Kamble, 2009 Waste flowers to Organic colors- Kapole Vidhya Mandhir.
  • Ms. Pinky Tiwari of Indian Institute of Science, Msc Environmental science on use of Bio-composting to reduce Urban Solid Waste. 2010-11
  • Mr. Sheldon D’souza of St. Xavier, TyBMS- CSR as a Tool to Reduce Urban Waste- 2012