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Green Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) aims to educate, encourage and inspire women to be enterprising leaders of society.

GEP through well designed and guided structure aspires to builds confidence, develop skills and understanding of business management in each of the participant through input sessions, behavioral games, helps participants understands practical application of the academic knowledge of management (financial, legal, etc.) of an enterprise. It is designed to give hands on experience of assessing the marketability of a commodity or a service.

Local people effectively solving the local problem is the motto of the GEP. Through this program we aim to
  • Create income generation for the women
  • Create employment to another 5-10 women
  • Understands local problems and provides solutions quicker not affecting the quality.
  • Address issues of gender equality and empowerment of women

It is a well structured Program that prepares Local people provide solution to all local problems like sanitation, health, household electrical plumbing etc through building linking local recourses handholds them till they become independent. These women thus become the entrepreneurs who earn a profit on linking the services to the tapped need/request/ problems.

Thus, within five years period develop selected area as a model wherein local issues, needs, problems are addressed by local people and all kinds of help is generated within the same locality.