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Green Angels Program (GAP) is a life-skills developing environmental education program, developed by Garbage Concern Welfare Society, which promotes aware-action within age group of 4 to 14 years so as create sensitive citizens who strive to restore environment.

The mission of GAP: bridging the gap in health, sanitation and resource management in urban areas created by lack of proactive participation through practical environmental skill training that assures sustainable natural resource management.

GAP focuses on Environmental Education during the period called Childhood, where learning takes place by engaging all the five senses, such that the learner experiences nature and its abundance in totality.

Through consistent research on the process of Lifelong learning (LLL) with in depth review of Education for Sustainability across 4 continents, the team of GCWS has designed a unique curriculum, based on their concept of ‘Textbook without words’, to make Environmental Education an enjoyable, empowering tool to create Global Leaders.

GAP hence believes that to create sustained change for environment, empowerment of generation next with right knowledge, right skill- sets and right decision making processes, under the universal mantle of Environmental Education, will go a long way to create truly Global Holistic Leaders, envisioning the ‘ Think Global, Act Local’ concept .