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Project Resolve-GO Green Project with Vodafone
Project resolve is a CSR initiative of Garbage Concern Welfare Society with Vodafone Esser Limited (VEL). It was the collaborative initiative of Garbage Concern Welfare Society and Vodafone to support ‘Go-Green’ concept. Through this project, clients were to be encouraged to use of e-bill/CD/e-mails which would be impacting on less paper use and leading to saving the trees. With the money saved with this change effort, would have been diverted for a social cause.

Spread over the year, the project focused on
  • Waste Assessment: understanding the waste generated and setting up waste management system
  • Waste Management: waste segregation at source, collection and transportation of dry waste and composting of wet waste, training of staff at different levels to understand and follow the new practices in this project including waste management system
  • Recycling of office waste: systems and recycling linkages were set up. Thus facilitating the waste value chain for the project.

Waste audits, baseline surveys, community mobilization, employee and volunteers training sessions, street plays were regular activities that helped the Vodafone marched towards Go-Green.