Our Mission
Through Environmental Education
  • Bridge the gap in Health, Sanitation and Livelihood opportunities, faced by urban poor.
  • Facilitate environmental conservation, sustainable development, waste management processes like vermiculture, biocomposting, biogas, green space development etc.
Work extensively towards sustainable livelihood opportunities for the urban poor through
vocational training with assured job placement and entrepreneurship
Encourage Research Studies on Sustainable Environment Management,
Our objectives
  • To sensitize urban citizens about the extent of environmental degradation caused by changing lifestyles and uncontrolled urbanization.
  • To utilize Individual and Community based bio-composting/ biogas so as to reduce the garbage generated.
  • To design and implement capacity building and livelihood generating training as an effective tool for Urban Human Resource Management.
  • To educate School and College Students, Corporate Sector employees, and Public Sector, on EVS topics and Waste Management through Seminars and Pro- active Workshops.